Euro 2016 Betting Review

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Euro 2016 Betting Review - The Contenders and The Dark Horses

Even with the title game taking place in France next summer, Germany is considered an equal favorite and will be watched closely. With a listing of 10/3 (4.33), there is little doubt that Germany could pull off what many expect to be a big upset. Poland is another story, and in October 2014 in Warsaw they managed to beat Germany 2-0. This still doesnít quite put them in Germanyís atmosphere, but they have been riding similar returns to those placed on the current champs-but donít plan on that lasting. With 23 high powered teams ready to compete, millions of dollars is expected to exchange hands as excited fans place their bets.

"We expect Euro 2016 to be the most popular event ever in terms of money placed, surpassing the previous world cup, in Vietnam alone we expect the amount to triple" said an M88 spokesperson.

As the hosts, the French team arenít considered the favorites but have been given a very soft matchup. This may make them look a lot better than they are, and with France as the host qualifying directly to the finals tournament it makes their schedule the easiest out of all the teams. Combining their easy schedule with their off the field contentions puts them at only 3/1 (4.00) to be victorious.

Spain still doesnít get as much respect as they should, but this is mostly due to the group they are in. With Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia looking to make a point, Spain has a very unfavorable matchup. Even as the current holders, Spain is getting only about 5/1 (6.00) but donít be surprised if they win the title for a third time in a row. Lineup issues aside, this is one club that knows how to win a game that is on the line.

England is on the far side and they are offered at 10/1 (11.00) but they have a very talented club in Russia to deal with that could curtail their hopes. Belgium is probably the biggest dark horse on the list, and are offered at 11/1 (12.00) with possibly the toughest group available. Italy, Sweden and the Republic of Ireland are all better title contenders, so donít be surprised if Belgium goes out early.

For betters that want to make a real gamble, Austria is riding a wave of luck that may carry them a few more games. The question is will that luck even last them through the random skill levels of the teams in Group F. Bet accordingly!

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